Monday, July 20, 2009

Bridesmaid Gifts

Looking for a unique way to thank all of your bridesmaids? If your wedding party was anything like my wedding party it was difficult task to come up with something that everyone would like and yet that I could afford? You want to shower these women with a thank you gift for helping plan showers, come up with ideas, sit with you in the dress shop for hours while you try on dresses, and even help your invitations. You will find a great line of bridal party favors at Lillian Aerin & Co. that will meet your needs and even keep you in budget!

“Knotted Couture” Monogrammed Quilted Tote Bag

Give your girls this tote bag to keep all there personal belongings together on the day of the wedding.

“Cosmetic Couture” Quilted, Monogrammed Make-Up Bag

Or give them this monogrammed make up bag! You can even stock it with lipstick, nail polish, or whatever you like! This would be a great surprise inside the tote!

"The Cosmopolitan” Monogrammed Flip-Flops
Going for manicures & pedicures with your bridal party? What a great surprise for them at the salon! There own monogrammed flip flops!

"The Cosmopolitan" Monogrammed Jewelry Pouch
Are you giving your bridesmaid jewelry to wear on your wedding day? If you are great way to wrap it up! You can give them the jewelry in there own monogrammed jewelry pouch! These are great for traveling!

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