Saturday, July 25, 2009

J&K wedding dance - How Fun is this!!

I'm copying my post on my personal blog over here today..... I just think this video is so much fun! If you haven't seen this video yet - take a few minutes to watch it! It will definitely make you smile!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

I love watching the today show in the morning while I get ready for my full time job ( one day - i dream that I will not have to do this and I can be my own boss!) but until then I'm up and have the today show on so i can tune into what's happening in the world!

Friday morning, they had this clip on and I'm sure many of you already saw it but just had a to write a quick blurb about it! This video wants to make me go back rewind and do this at my wedding! How much fun is this video! You'll have to watch this! If you are having a bad day this is sure to make you smile!


Miranda said...

That is hilarious!!

Marina said...

I love this...tres cool!

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