Monday, June 28, 2010

Wedding Party Gifts Ideas!

We are officially in the Summer Wedding Season!   Are these not the cutest flip flops?  Most days, I wish I could go back and get married again!  There are so many cute things to choose from for Wedding Party gift ideas!    

What did you and your groom give as gifts at your wedding?   

My husband gave all of his guys a gift that "fit" them?  I mean he put thought into it and everyone had something different.  For example, the one guy in our wedding is a HUGE Ohio State Buckeye Fan.  So easy one there he got him this really cool OSU memorabilia from way back when.    

For my bridesmaids, I got them all a Vera Bradley make up bag.  There was another gift coming but it ended up being a huge mess and I canned the other part to their gift and upgraded the Vera bags.  

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Here are few bridal party gift ideas!  

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