Monday, February 7, 2011

Thank You

I'm so excited for 2011!!!  I have lots of new additions coming soon to Lillian Aerin & Co.  There will be lots of new products on the website and some new features on my blog!  I want to first say thank all my followers for sticking around and following me on this journey!  

If you are new follower my name is Amy and I launched Lillian Aerin & Co. back in 2008.   The idea began back in 2008 after losing my FT job after 8 years - yes big shock and the loss was at the beginning of the economic crisis.   So, as I began to look for a FT job my wheels were spinning as to what I could on my own?  Well, I love to plan parties, I love crafting, and now I can add to the list my love for blogging and social media!  This is were Lillian Aerin & Co. started back in April 2008.  When I first launched the website I was only carried party favors and unique personalized gifts.  In the next few weeks I will be adding event planning and party printable side to Lillian Aerin & Co.  I've been planning parties and putting together inspiration boards for all of my events and friends for years.  I've spend the last half of 2009 and all of 2010 looking for a FT job again after losing a job back in Oct. 2009 - now I'm at the point of - Get creative and create my next opportunity!! 

Currently, I am working on a Toy Story Party and will be sharing with you many of these event details after the party.  

My goal at Lillian Aerin & Co. is to create exquisite events for all occasions!  

I hope you will stay tuned and join me on this ride!  I'm looking to provide you with lots of ideas and tutorials on making every celebration FUN!!  

Some things I'm looking to offer on the blog are guests posts and giveaways!  If you have an etsy business or your own small business and would like to sponsor a giveaway please send me an email!!  You can email me at

You can find me on FB and Twitter - stop by and say hi!! 

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Your newest follower. Also sending you an email right now!