Saturday, October 8, 2011

Burlap Halloween Banner Tutorial

I can't believe Halloween is just around the corner?  I have no idea where the summer went let alone September!!!  This past week I started pulling out the fall decorations and below is my Halloween burlap banner I made last fall for both of my fireplaces.   

Want to make one?  It's so easy and inexpensive!!  

Burlap - you can find this at your local fabric/craft store.  
jute string 
fabric paint 
- I made mine on my cricut but you can also use word to enlarge the letter and print out to use as stencils.  
hot glue  
cut out your pennant pattern 
ribbon if you would like to add 

1)  Cut your burlap into the pennants and set aside 
2)  Get your stencils and paint ready to stencil on your pennants 
3)   Stencil your letters onto the burlap and set aside to dry.  
4)  After the pennants have dried you will need to secure onto the jute string.  I secured mine with hot glue after I laid out the pennants and center them on my string.  Don't forget to leave extra string to hang your banner up.  
5)  I added orange grosgrain ribbon between my letters for some extra flair and you can get as creative as you want!!  

I cut a pennant pattern out of card stock by free hand and you can make your pennant any size you want!! 

Happy Crafting!!!  
~ Amy 

I will be back with some party ideas and new crafts on a regular basis.  I had some other things that came up that have taken me away from my blog!  Thank you for sticking around!! ;) 

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