Monday, February 28, 2011

Under the Sea Inspired Party

Little Mermaid and Under the Sea inspired party 

These picture are from my daughters 4th Birthday party from last summer~ An Under the Sea Birthday Party.  I shared this post last summer over at The Preppy Strawberry in June but wanted to share the party with all of my Lillian Aerin & Co readers.  

In the picture above I got the wreath idea from How does she blog?  Click here for more instructions on how to make a balloon wreath!  I think I made mine bigger than the one they gave instructions for because I used close to 300 balloons!  

Under the Sea Party 

To create my under the sea theme I used blue balloons and white balloons and taped them to the ceiling and the walls.  Along with the balloons I hung green crepe paper down for the sea algae and then across the ceiling I twisted two different colors of blue together to create the water look.  

My centerpieces were glass vases from the dollar store and I put swim goggles around the vase.  I filled the glasses up with water then added blue food coloring.  In between the vases I had little fish dishes and filled them with gold fish crackers!  

Mermaid Cake 

The mermaid cake I did by hand - see pictures below of how I cut it out. We had a little miss hap when icing it because Lilly wanted to help.  So I gave in and let her help but when she was putting the M&M's on the tail she pushed a little too hard and we lost the tail!  Oh well nothing a few toothpicks and some more icing can't fill in! ;) 

before the icing 

Singing happy birthday with her cousins and friends.  - She wasn't looking at me because everyone else was taking a picture!  Poor kid didn't know where to look! ;)

Happy Birthday - this picture was taken on her actual birthday!  
My baby is four!  

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