Monday, April 18, 2011

{DIY} Bunny Tails Easter Treat

Can you believe Easter is this coming Sunday?  I can't believe how fast this year is flying right by us!  Since we are in Easter mode around my house, I thought I would share with you this cute idea I found over at eighteeen25 blog spot.  BUNNY TAILS!  I usually send my daughter to school with some treat to share with her friends at school and this year as soon as I saw this bunny tail idea I knew what we were doing for our Easter treats!  Here are a few pictures of our bunny tail treat bags.  

She started to sign her name with a crown next to it -
Do you think she thinks she's a princess? 
- I asked her if that was the logo for Lilly she goes
NO!  I'm just adding my princess crown! lol 

We used (4) large marshmallows in our bags because the large marshmallows in our bag looked so skimpy when we only put (2) in the snack bag.  Plus, then we used it as a counting activity - she had to count out the bags, count out (4) marshmallows, and then print her name 20 X's on the back of the cards.  By the time we were down with the 20 bunny tails - Lilly said this was a lot of work!!  It definitely entertained her this raining weekend ;)

So if  you are looking for a cute idea for  your classroom, easter brunch, or treats for the kids to take to school hop on over to eighteen25 and print off their cute party printable and follow the tutorial!  The link to download the templates can be found right here

Thanks eighteen25 for sharing this cute idea!!!  

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